Our Forte

Our safety training approach is essentially two-pronged; first to impart safety culture, knowledge and skills to prevent an incident from happening and secondly in the event that an incident should happen, these personnel need to confidently and competently respond/control the incident without loss of lives, damage to properties and environment.

All our courses are delivered using the very effective kinesthetic learning style in a modular format. This contributes to the high absorption and retention of knowledge and skills taught.

SMTC is also recognized for its service excellence in that most of its safety courses can be delivered anywhere in the world on very short notice year round and on terms that create lasting partnership.

On Site Traning

Some of our courses are available at our clients’ locations globally. This is not only very cost effective (Some clients are known to spend as much as 70% of the total training cost on non-course fee expenses like travel days, air-fares, accommodation, transport, and offsite allowances whenever their employees are sent to attend safety training away from the worksite) but it also allows site/line management team to participate in the training/assessment process which promotes their ownership of the safety courses – at all global locations that we have had delivered our safety courses, this ownership by the site/line management team directly contributes to a safe work culture.

To date SMTC has successfully conducted on-site training at offshore (rigs, barges, vessels, platforms) and onshore locations in Americas, Europe, Africa and thru out Asia for multi national oil/gas operators and their contractors/service providers.

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